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Handmade Jewellery

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Recycling Initiative

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100% recommend this small business to create a beautiful, unique piece.

I am very much loving rose gold at the moment but had some old yellow gold I wanted to repurpose. I absolutely loved my first ring created by Zoe. I touched base with her and organised to have another ring created using coloured diamonds. The end result was beautiful 🤩 The ring has an organic shape to it that I absolutely love and it’s a one of a kind piece so there is no chance I will ever see another person walking down the street wearing it. - Erin B.


My old gold was given a new life.

I contacted Zoe and asked if she was able to create a new piece for me using my old rose gold. She was quick to respond and said that she had some new designs that she was trialling with sapphire stones inset. I left colour choices up to her and was not disappointed. My rose gold Aluna ring is absolutely beautiful.  My old gold was given a new life, I received a beautiful one of a kind piece and I know exactly who made it! Great customer service, extremely talented maker and am definitely keen to see what she can create with more of my old gold I no longer wear.


Amazinggg hand crafted beauty!

This beautiful piece created from my old gold is absolutely stunning! I have receieved soo many compliments on it as the sapphires and gold catch the light and compliment each other so well! I'm in love with it! - Sarah C.

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We give back with i=change

$1 of every sale goes towards a life changing charity. Restore The Reef, Clothe The Vulnerable or Give A New Start.

Jewellery with a conscience

Fine jewellery, handmade in Australia using ethically and sustainably sourced metals and traceable gemstones.

Zoë Alexandria Jewellery

Zoë Alexandria Jewellery is – you guessed it – a jewellery brand. But we believe we are so much more than that. Yes, on the outside we might be all sparkly and shiny, but on the inside, there are layers. We know we're pretty to look at, but we also like to think that we hold meaning and purpose. Just like you. And you, my friend, are why we are here.

HANDMADE JEWELLERY Our jewellery is made with Zoë’s own two hands in her sacred studio space. Call it a labour of love, if you will.

BESPOKE JEWELLERY We can work with you to create memorable, one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces that you will cherish for years to come.

SUSTAINABLE JEWELLERYWe believe in slow fashion where our sustainability is unified with our ethics and our products are quality-based rather than time-based. We are working towards creating a business that benefits the planet and all people.

ETHICAL JEWELLERY  All of Zoë Alexandria’s raw materials and stones are traceable, ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

RECYCLED JEWELLERY - Zoë Alexandria’s Recycling Initiative encourages you to rummage through your jewellery box for old pieces that you no longer wear, so that we can turn them into something new. The engagement ring that once represented heartbreak could soon signify a new beginning, or those earrings your grandmother passed down could become a timeless bond between the past and the present. 

At Zoë Alexandria, we believe a sense of style can reflect the inner most workings of a soul, saying things to the world that you might not be brave enough to say out loud.

So go on, what are you ready to tell the world?

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