Zoë Alexandria Brand Manifesto

Our Brand Manifesto is our brand laid bare. Everything you need to know about our handmade jewellery, bespoke jewellery, sustainable jewellery, ethical jewellery and recycled jewellery all on one page. 


If you need to dive deeper into what makes us, well, us! simply click on the pink headings for more information about our practices. 



Our Made to Order jewellery is 100% made with Zoë’s own two hands in her sacred studio space in Sydney, through ethical and sustainable fine jewellery practices. 

From the moment you place your order with Zoë Alexandria Jewellery, you can trust that your new jewellery piece will be lovingly handcrafted with purpose and intent. It takes time for each item to be created especially for you (good things come to those who wait, remember?) and this is why we anticipate a 10-14 day timeframe before carefully packaging and shipping your coveted handmade jewellery.  



We can work with you to create memorable, one-of-a-kind bespoke jewellery pieces that you will cherish for years to come.

Whether it's an engagement ring, a bespoke piece of jewellery to celebrate a special occasion or milestone, or simply a treat for yourself because you deserve it, let Zoë help you create a jewellery piece that is one-of-a-kind like you and tells your story. 



We believe in slow fashion where our sustainability is unified with our ethics and our products are quality-based rather than time-based.

Our Sustainable Practices include keeping our jewellery production in-house and predominately onshore, offering reusable product packaging and working towards creating a business that benefits the planet and all people. 



All of Zoë Alexandria’s raw materials and stones are responsibly sourced and sustainably produced.

We believe in complete transparency. It's a founding pillar when creating ethical and sustainable fine jewellery. From our gem merchants to the metal refineries, you deserve to know what impact your jewellery has made on this planet.



Zoë Alexandria’s Recycling Initiative encourages you to rummage through your jewellery box for old fine jewellery pieces that we can turn into something new.

Unlike clothing, jewellery will hold it's value for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable jewellery pieces that will stand the test of time and allow you to share your story for generations to come. 

Our closed loop Recycling Initiative encourages you to reclaim your pieces in exchange for store credit.


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