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Breathe new life into your old jewellery with our Recycling Initiative

Zoë Alexandria Jewellery Recycling Initiative

Zoë Alexandria’s Jewellery Recycling Initiative encourages you to rummage through your jewellery box for old jewellery pieces that can be turned into something new.

Still holding on to that old engagement ring that you ‘lost’ from your ex-fiancé? Or what about that hideous necklace from your mother in law that you're never going to wear in a million years? Let Zoë turn them into something new for you. Something that once represented heartbreak could soon signify a new beginning, or instead a timeless bond between the old and the new, from those old pieces that hold sentimental value.  

"We all have pieces in our jewellery boxes that we don't wear anymore. Silver rings that we bought in our youth whilst travelling abroad, or a bracelet that we were gifted but it's just not our style. What about that small pile of broken gold chains chains and half pairs of lost earrings that's sitting there, looking pretty sad? Jewellery is personal and very sentimental, which is why we often hold on to it, in hope that maybe one day it will be worn again. My Jewellery Recycling Initiative is the perfect excuse to take your unworn collection and give it new life. Recreate a heirloom piece that allows you to share your story for generations to come."

Unlike clothing, jewellery will hold its value for a lifetime. This closed loop Jewellery Recycling Initiative encourages you to reclaim your pieces in exchange for store credit - a sustainable way to update your jewellery wardrobe.

Where meaning and sustainability perfectly collide.

Take a look at some of the new pieces I've created through the Jewellery Recycling Initiative, plus read what my wonderful clients have to say.

Just arrived!!!! I love them. Thanks so much Zoe. Exactly my style and ring fits perfectly.

Emma had some old 22k yellow gold jewellery pieces that her parents had given her over the years but the chunky chains and statement rings were no longer her style. I melted down her old gold and used the heirloom diamonds to create a matching set of diamond Aluna Ring, Demilune earrings and Demilune pendant.

Hi Zoë, My ring arrived today - I love it! Thank you very much.

Gosia had an old white gold ring setting plus some silver pieces that she no longer wore. She traded them in and with the metal credit, purchased an 18k rose gold Aluna Ring instead. She requested some pink coloured sapphires to be included in the new ring. 

Zoe is INCREDIBLE to work with! From talking you through the process, helping you really discover what piece is for you, being sure of sizing and how the piece turns out. I LOVE my pieces, they’re just stunning and hold such special sentimental value. Honestly, who thought treating yourself would also be doing good for the planet too!

Kaitlyn had quite a lot of old silver jewellery that held sentimental value but it didn't suit her current style. I melted down her old silver and made her an Aluna Ring and matching Neap Tidal Ring. 

The care and professionalism she has is next to none. Every step of the way she kept me informed and notified of the progress, and she created my most prized piece that I wear daily. I cannot recommend highly enough. Adore Zoe Alexandria and everything the business stands for. x 10/10

Amanda had lots of 18k white gold diamond jewellery that she had been given over the years as milestone gifts, but they just sat in her jewellery box. She loved the look of my Aluna Ring design so we decided to melt down the white gold and use some of the diamonds to create a new piece that she can now wear everyday.

My nan always used to give me beautiful pieces of jewellery for all my milestone birthdays but I never really wore any of them. I found Zoë who was able to melt all the pieces down and make them into new pieces. Could not be happier with them and I know Nan would have been happy with how they turned out.

Erin wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do with her Nan's old jewellery, so we discussed some new design options and eventually decided on using the pink and blue sapphires to make two new ring designs, one with the old silver. We also used some heirloom diamonds to create a Demilune pendant with her old gold. 

Hi Zoe, Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful necklace and ring. Both lovey and I'm wearing with joy.

Beata had some silver, 9k and 14k gold jewellery that she traded in. We decided to use the 14k to melt down and create an Aluna Ring and Demilune pendant instead.

How does the Recycling Initiative work (in a nutshell)?

If you think you have some pre-loved jewellery pieces that deserve a second chance, get in touch with us using the form below.

We will offer you a credit note in exchange for your pieces.

You can use the credit note to purchase another Zoë Alexandria product. 

Contact me about turning your old jewellery into something new.


How do you work out the credit value?

The value of the credit note is based on the metal karat and gram weight of the items that you send to me and will be issued once the item has been inspected in the studio.

What type of jewellery do you accept?

I only accept solid silver or gold jewellery pieces (no base metals like brass or copper, or filled items). 

What if I don't know what my jewellery is made from? 

Most precious metals should be hallmarked with a karat stamp. I can help you find this. If your piece isn't stamped, I can test it in my studio using an acid scratch test.

Will the jewellery I send you be used to make my new piece? 

If you have enough metal, I can certainly use all of it to make your piece. I use the sand casting method to make jewellery (especially when using customers metal), because once the metal is melted down and poured, it sets in it’s final form. Sometimes old gold or silver can be full of solder or rhodium plating (especially white gold), and if you try and re-work it too much into something completely new, it can get quite brittle. The sand casting method can limit the design possibilities, so to speak, but it’s the best way to reuse your gold. 

What if I don't have enough metal to make a new piece? 

That's ok! If you don't have enough metal to complete a new piece, I will add already recycled metal to your piece. 

What happens to my metal if I only have white gold to recycle but I want to use my credit for a yellow gold piece of jewellery instead (for example)?

All metal that I receive that doesn't go towards your specific piece, gets melted down and used to create a new, one-of-a-kind item for someone else to love. 

What if my jewellery has stones in it?

I can unset your stones (all care no responsibility) to use the metal for recycling. The stones need to be unset to accurately weigh the metal for credit. I will always check with you first if you're happy for me to unset your stones.

Can you reuse my gemstone?

Depending on the stone, we can discuss the option of reusing it in a new piece for you. Sapphires and diamonds can be used for sand casting (the process where molten metal is poured directly into a mould and the stones are cast into place) but if you have other types of gemstones, there is always the option of having these traditionally set after I have cast your piece - especially if you would like to use your old metal.

What if I once I've sent my old pieces to you and you've quoted my credit note, I don't want to recycle them?

It's completely ok to change your mind! If you're not happy with your credit note quote and you no longer what to recycle your jewellery, I will send your piece/s back to you (you will just need to cover the cost of shipping).

How long does the process take?

After I've received your pieces, it will take me about a week to work out your credit note. From there, once we've decided on the new piece of jewellery that you want made, the turn around time is generally 3-4 weeks.


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