Zoë Alexandria Recycling Initiative

Zoë Alexandria’s Recycling Initiative encourages you to rummage through your jewellery box for old jewellery pieces that we can turn into something new.

Still holding on to that old engagement ring that you ‘lost’ from your ex-fiancé? Or that hideous necklace from your mother in law that you're never going to wear in a million years? Let Zoë turn them into something new for you. Something that once represented heartbreak could soon signify a new beginning, or instead a timeless bond between the old and the new, from those old pieces that hold sentimental value.  

Unlike clothing, jewellery will hold it's value for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable jewellery pieces that will stand the test of time and allow you to share your story for generations to come. 

Our closed loop Recycling Initiative encourages you to reclaim your pieces in exchange for store credit.

How does the Recycling Initiative work?

If you think you have some pre-loved jewellery pieces that deserve a second chance, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

- We will offer you a credit note in exchange for your pieces.

- You can use the credit note to purchase another Zoë Alexandria product. 



- How do you work out the credit value?

The value of the credit note is based on the metal karat and gram weight of the items that you send to us and will be issued once the item has been inspected in Zoë's studio.

- What type of jewellery do you accept?

We only accept solid silver or gold jewellery pieces (no base metals like brass or copper, or filled items). 

- What if I don't know what my jewellery is made from? 

Most precious metals should be hallmarked with a karat stamp. We can help you find this. If your piece isn't stamped, we can test it in-house for a small fee.

- What if my jewellery has stones in it?

We can attempt to unset your stones (all care no responsibility) to use the metal for recycling. 

- Can you reuse my gemstone?

Depending on the stone, we can discuss the option of reusing it in a new piece for you. 

- Will the jewellery I send you, be used to make my new piece? 

If you have enough metal, we can certainly use all of it to make your piece specifically. Rest assured that your new piece of jewellery has been recreated from your old.

- What if I don't have enough metal to make a new piece? 

That's ok! If you don't have enough metal to complete a new piece, we will add already recycled gold to your piece. 

- What happens to my metal if I don't exchange it for a 'Made to Order' piece?

All metal that we receive that doesn't go towards a specific Made to Order piece, gets melted down and used to create a new, one-of-a-kind item for someone else to love. 

- What if I once I've sent my old pieces to you and you've quoted my credit note, I don't want to recycle them?

It's completely ok to change your mind! If you're not happy with your credit note quote and you no longer what to recycle your jewellery, we will send your piece/s back to you (you will just need to cover the cost of shipping).


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