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Is gold jewellery worth the investment?

Is gold jewellery worth the investment?

The short answer is yes. A quality piece of jewellery will last a lifetime (and then some). People often get caught up in the karat of gold, thinking that an 18K piece means better quality but it's not always the case.

Here's a breakdown of gold content (which is what the hallmark on your jewellery is for). All gold jewellery is mixed with a little silver, copper & zinc or nickel. 

18K or 750 = 75% pure gold

14K or 585 = 58.5% pure gold

9K or 385 = 38.5% pure gold

So although 18K has a higher percentage of gold in it, a higher percentage of yellow gold means that the metal will be softer because pure gold is actually very malleable. Also, the more gold, the more money it costs. A higher gold percentage also makes the piece look the more yellow if it's yellow gold, or pink if it's rose gold. But not white because white gold is actually grey. The reason it looks so white and shiny is because it's often plated with white rhodium. It's confusing, I know.

Which is why 9K is PERFECT for rings! 💍 Not only is it more cost effective, 9K yellow metal is more durable than 18K (the opposite is true for white gold which is why you'll find most diamond jewellery set in 18k white), and when you're wearing your rings everyday, you want them to be able to withstand all the things you do with your hands! Just please don't go rock-climbing in your jewellery!

product shot of 9k yellow gold ring with sapphire gemstones sitting on white plinth against a purple background

The Aluna Ring you see here has been cast in recycled 9K yellow gold and features 4 ethically sourced sapphires. Made to order, made with love and made to last a lifetime.

Want to know more about gold jewellery? Ask me in the comments below.

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