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How to find your ring size.

This is the easiest way to find your ring size.

I'm constantly asked 'how to find a ring size' when customers are trying to order online. I get it, it's tricky! But this video is honestly the easiest way to do it. 

1. Take the ring sizer and loop it into a circle

2. Place it over the finger you want to find the size for

3. Adjust the sizer to the correct number that fits your finger. You want the sizer to feel snug on your finger and there to be some resistance over the knuckle when taking it off

Remember - each finger on each hand is different! Your index finger on your right hand will be a different size to your ring finger on your left hand. Make sure you note down the different finger sizes from each hand. These ring sizers use the American sizing system which is numerical and they include half and quarter sizes too. You can easily convert to the Australian or European system by using the Ring Conversion chart on our Jewellery Size Guide page.



A few other things to consider when trying to find your ring size include the width of the ring band, the temperature, exercise and even pregnancy.

For example, the band on our ring sizers are approximately 6mm wide. If you measure your finger to be a size 6.5 but are looking to purchase a ring that has a fine band, like the Spring Tidal Ring, then I would suggest you get the ring in a size 6. Just like if you wanted to get a ring that had a very wide band and big statement stone, I'd recommend going up in size. Basically, it comes down to the surface area of the ring on your finger - if it has less surface area you can get away with a smaller ring size but if it has more surface area you should consider a larger ring size.

Hot and cold days will also affect your sizing. Our fingers tend to swell up in hot weather and shrink in cold weather. So if it's a super hot summer's day and you're sizing your finger, you need to me mindful that your fingers may be swollen.

Exercise, alcohol and pregnancy can also affect your ring size. Our hands will fluctuate in size throughout the day. If you've just been to the gym, you've had a boozy night, or you're heavily pregnant, your fingers will most likely be swollen from increased blood pressure or water retention. 

I hope you've found this to be helpful when figuring out how to find your ring size. But if you're still totally clueless, send me an email or slide into my IG DM's.


x Zoë.

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