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ANDROGYNE - Gender neutral jewellery.

The inspiration behind ANDROGYNE.

My ANDROGYNE collection is a carefully curated selection of gender neutral rings - suitable for him, her or them. Crafted from recycled precious metals, responsibly sourced diamonds and classic in design; this collection is perfect for wedding bands, ceremonial rings, alternative engagement rings or simply just as everyday adornment. 

This collection almost came about by accident. I decided I wanted to make a ring for my husband for Christmas last year in my signature sandcast style. I’d never made a men’s ring before (so to speak) and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out or if he'd even like it, but I wanted to give it a try. Safe to say, Andrew LOVED the ring, so much so that he hasn't taken it off since!

I shared a picture of the piece I'd made - a recycled gold band with a single dark blue sapphire - and it seemed many others loved it too, not just men either. So I started asking myself, ‘why should only women wear engagement rings?’ ‘Why can’t men have diamonds in their rings?’ ‘Why are women supposed to have small, dainty bands?’ I wanted to give people permission to wear the kind of jewellery they want to wear and it was at this moment that inspiration hit and a gender-neutral collection was born. Each piece can be worn by anyone, no matter how you identify. I guess you could say it’s non-binary. 

image of mens recycled gold ring

The ring that inspired my ANDROGYNE collection.

The faces of ANDROGYNE.

Once I'd finalised the collection and started planning the photoshoot, I just knew that I wanted to use real life couples across the imagery as the faces (and hands) of the campaign. Because ANDROGYNE is a collection that celebrates love and diversity, it was important that the people wearing the rings were connected and shared a special relationship. 

After shooting, I asked each couple a few questions - how did they meet, what were their impressions of the collection and what does jewellery mean to them. I loved hearing their answers and I hope you do to! So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the three couples that helped bring my gender neutral jewellery pieces to life.

image of gay couple modeling gender neutral rings

Conor (he/him) & Henry (he/him)

How did you two meet?

- We met the traditional way, at a bar on a Saturday night.

What were your first impressions of the gender-neutral ring collection? 

- The exclusivity of the designs, the variety of the pieces in the collection, the statement that they make when being worn. The way they make you feel when you are wearing them.  

What does jewellery mean to you/does it hold significance or importance?

 - Jewellery is beauty, it is fun, it shows your individual style and it’s a way to reflect your personality. It is also a way to express love for your family and friends. 


image of queer couple wearing gender neutral rings

Jade (she/her) & Rik (them/they)

How did you two meet?

Jade - We actually matched on the dating app Hinge last year right as a lock down was starting. Once the lock down lifted I asked Rik if I could take them on a date and they said yes. We went on a date and we've been inseparable ever since, as cliche as that sounds haha!

Rik - On Hinge, I believe Jade's response to one of my photos was "drop the skin routine immediately" and I replied with "it's just that tax return glow 😊 We spoke for a few weeks over text but it was lockdown and it couldn't really go anywhere so Jade went home and we stopped speaking for a few months. When she came back she asked if I wanted to go on a date and the rest is history. Bar, her rocking up late, choosing the wrong restaurant, getting very drunk and vomiting in my favourite cafe the next day. All of this chaos and her beautiful and happy soul made me fall head over heels. 

What were your first impressions of the gender-neutral ring collection?

Jade - I thought they were stunning. I could see both Rik and I wearing basically all of the pieces and mixing/matching. I love that they aren't super refined and each one is slightly different, almost like humans/relationships.

Rik - I normally steer clear of feminine jewellery however, when I saw the delicate and traditionally soft style of what would first be assumed feminine in the new collection I really fell in love. It had a wonderful combination of neutrality whilst maintaining warmth and charm. Each piece has its own style and personality that does not take away from the ability to combine with other rings on the same finger.

What does jewellery mean to you/does it hold significance or importance?

Jade - To me jewellery is another way to express myself. If I have a high-quality piece of jewellery then I tend to make it a staple piece and try to wear it as much as I can. I love gifting jewellery also as it's something that can be timeless. I think some of the most sentimental gifts I've received have been jewellery pieces.

Rik - I think the queer community really holds jewellery as an important part of our style and representation of ourselves. You'll often see us with big chunky rings on our hands as a symbol of pride and an extension of our body and who we are as unique individuals rather than to make us blend in with a norm. Having jewellery that represents who you are is as important as the hair on your head, and clothes that you wear. 


image of heterosexual couple wearing gender neutral jewellery

Chakriya (she/her) & Mobalaji (he/him)

How did you two meet?

- We sat next to each other in church and kept running into each other, which led to a friendship, which blossomed into love and the rest is history.

What were your first impressions of the gender-neutral ring collection?

Chakriya - I thought they were great, I loved how they were all unique in their own way. I really liked how you could splice it up with the silver and gold.

Mobolaji - It just goes to show you that certain pieces transcend convention and the fact that they’re all bespoke is icing on the cake. 

What does jewellery mean to you/does it hold significance or importance?

Chakriya -  It’s personal, and that’s what makes it so special. I keep it minimalistic which brings more value to the individual pieces. 
Mobolaji - I wasn’t really a jewellery guy but I’ve come to appreciate the way certain items look on me, so I’ve added purchases to my tiny collection here and there. I’m excited to see what else is out there that I can rock!

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