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The Leader - Ethical designs strive for non-binary wear

Engadine jewellery maker and designer Zoe Richardson, of the label Zoe Alexandria, started her business by making jewellery in her garage.

Now she has a designated studio, ships her products across the nation, and is known for paving the way in sustainable practices.

This month, she launches a new collection called ANDROGYNE, which celebrates sustainability and diversity through gender-neutral jewellery.

It was inspired by a ring that she made for her husband.

"I decided I wanted to make a ring for in my signature sandcast style," she said. "Once I shared it with my community, it seemed many others loved it too, and not just men either."

It was at this moment that inspiration hit and a gender-neutral collection was born.

"Each piece can be worn by anyone, no matter how you identify. I guess you could say it's non-binary," the designer said.

"I started asking myself, 'why should only women wear engagement rings?' Why can't men have diamonds in their rings?' I like to push the boundaries."

The pieces are made with solid yellow gold or silver and some feature black or white diamonds.

There is also an option to use a customer's recycled materials.

April 2022

The Leader - Ethical designs strive for non-binary wear


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