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three stone blue sapphire ring cast not set

Silver Trilogy Ring - Blue Sapphire


The Trilogy Ring. Crafted from sterling silver and holding three faceted blue sapphire gemstone beads.

The process of creating this ring means that no two Trilogy rings are the same. Completely handmade in our Sydney studio, the metal has been melted and poured with the stone cast in place, not set.

One-of-a-kind and imperfectly perfect, this ring is a size 6.5 US/size M.5 AUS.

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. It helps focus and bring in peace of mind. Blue sapphire in particular is associated with love and purity and facilitates self-expression and speaking your truth.

Our metals and gemstones are traceable and ethically sourced. These sapphires were sourced from India. The silver was fabricated in Australia.