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Crystal Healing. What stones are healing stones?


Crystal Healing - you're either into it or you're not. And even if you're not into it, I bet you've googled 'What stones are healing stones?' hoping to find some kind of good vibe. I've listed below the top 16 crystals that I use for all the good stuff. Need to deflect some unwanted energy and land that dream job? I've got you covered.

Amazonite Halo Ring

~Protects against electromagnetic pollution 
~Promotes intuition
~Soothing and calming stone
~Dispels negative energy
Gemstone Choker - Amethyst

~Heals physical emotional and psychological pain or stress
~Blocks and cleanses negative energies and dispels negative emotions
~Enhances spiritual awareness
~Promotes concentration and memory

Gold Gemstone Spike Threaders - Black Spinel

Black Spinel 

~Connect with energy renewal and rejuvenation
~Enhances positive aspects of the personality
~Aids in achieving and accepting success with humility
~Gives stamina to continue
~Protective and balancing stone


Stone And Tag Necklace Gold Carnelian


~Position: effective when worn as a pendant 
~Grounding and stabilising stone
~Restores vitality and motivation
~Stimulates creativity
~Can cleanse other stones
~Gives courage

Silver Gemstone Gypsy Hoops - Chalcedony


~Position: wear on fingers or around neck
~Balances body, mind, emotions and spirit
~Nurturing stone
~Absorbs and dissipates negative energies, thoughts and emotions.
~Eases self-doubt

Gold Citrine Connector Bracelet


~Powerful cleanser & regenerator, never requires cleansing
~Promotes creativity and self-confidence.
~Stone of abundance & wealth
~Grounding stone 
~Dissipates negativity

Jump Through Hoops Earrings v2.0 - Clear Quartz and Aqua

Clear Quartz

~Regulates and improves energy
~Filters out distractions during meditation.
~Aids concentration and memory
~Stimulates immune system

Gold Gemstone Gypsy Hoops - Garnet


~Energising and regenerating stone
~Cleanses, balances and re-energises chakras
~Balances and purifies energy.
~Brings courage
~Activates and amplifies other crystals


Stone And Tag Necklace Silver Green Onyx

Green Onyx

~A strength-giving stone
~Recognises and integrates dualities within the self
~Alleviates overwhelming fears and worries
~Helps to make wise decisions
~Balances the yin and yang energies within the body


Herkimer Diamond Half Hoop Earrings

Herkimer Diamond
~Position: wear as pendant or earrings (short periods)
~Promotes creativity, psychic abilities and dream recall
~Clears chakras
~Excellent at clearing and protecting against electromagnetic or radiation pollution


Unicorn Tear Necklace - Gold Labradorite


~Wear near heart chakra
~Protective stone
~Deflects negative and unwanted energies
~Banishes fears and insecurities
~Energises imagination
~Promotes strength and perseverance


Silver Gemstone Spike Threaders - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

~Quickly releases stress
~A protective stone
~Teaches the power of the spoken word
~Harmonises the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
~Encourages taking charge of life, self-awareness and self-expression


Moonstone Halo Ring


~Stone of new beginnings
~Promotes empathy and intuition
~Calms overreactions to situations and to emotional triggers
~Stabilises emotions
~Balances male-female energies


Gemstone Double Drop Earrings - Rose Quartz & Moonstone

Rose Quartz

~Wear over heart
~Stone of unconditional love and peace.
~Purifies and opens the heart - Brings self-love
~Calming, reassuring
~Draws off negative energy
~Strengthens empathy and sensitivity


Crescent Moon Drops - Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz

~Promotes spiritual growth 
~Breaks down barriers to help let go of the past
~Facilitates transitions and a change of direction 
~Soothes dark moods
~Promotes forgiveness at all levels


Gemstone Choker - Mixed Tourmaline Gold


~Super activator of the heart chakra, fostering love, tenderness & friendship
~Instills patience and teaches tact & diplomacy
~Promotes inner security
~Helps to release old pain